About Us



About Us

Charm Leotards, a brand minted in confidence, beauty, comfort and kindness. Charm was founded in 2019 by Kaitlyn Avila, a lifetime gymnast, competitive coach, and passionate fan of the sport. Kait has always been inspired by the beauty of the sport and eternally appreciative of everything gymnastics has instilled in her. The passion, the look, the determination and most importantly the relationships that were built. In 2019 Kait decided to pursue her dream and Charm Leotards was founded. Charm goes beyond the norm of leotards today by creating more than just a “something to wear”. Charm is the new standard. To feel elegant, to be bold and to be fierce. Wearing a Charm leotard and being part of our family is just the beginning of this new journey, and we cannot wait for you to join us…

Elegant. Bold. Fierce. #Charmgirl

Our Products

Charm Leotards prides itself on being rated #1 in leotard comfort, and #1 in leotard style. Our products speak for themselves! Charm is proud to be the innovator of the world’s first “Cut Out” style leotard. Every single one of our leotards is hand-designed by our team, with materials that are hand selected to ensure superior comfort. We design, create, test and sample each of our leotards to ensure everything fits perfectly and looks even better!

Giving Back

At the core of our business is our community. Giving back and helping others is why this business was founded and no matter how much we do, we promise to always do more. Helping others is the greatest gift anyone can give, and here at Charm, kindness goes the longest way. As we continue to grow with your support, we will be creating campaigns and working with individuals and others to do more. Giving back will always be the reason we do what we do, and we look forward to seeing you come along on the journey with us. Remember, Be Charming, Always.